Michael McCall

Michael McCall


Michael’s love of horses spans decades.  From trail riding and roping in his home state of Oklahoma to showing at the U.S. Nationals alongside Patrick Swayze, his horsemanship skills span many disciplines.  In fact, Brenda and Michael met because he needed to board his two horses (Paint and Shia) in El Paso and found Brenda’s boarding facility.  They have been together ever since.  Actually, Paint became a lesson and therapy horse until 2012 when he passed away at 32.


Michael attended Oklahoma State University and worked for the OKC police department.  He changed careers and was in the oil field industry for a number of years.  When not volunteering or doing project for DADTH, he works for Leander ISD at Rouse High School.


For the last 30 years, Michael has been the barn manager, maintenance man and tremendous supporter of Brenda and all the four legged ones in their care.  He is an avid volunteer at Dream a Dream and enjoys seeing the smiles that the horses bring to the clients who come out to ride.


Michael and Brenda married in October 1990.  He also loves riding his Harley and playing the rub board/congas in a band called the “The Mighty Pelican”.  His passion for the program comes from his first hand knowledge of the powerful and unique horse/human connection and the healing that it brings to the riders who come to Dream a Dream.

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